JDS – Admission Open

Admission is now open for Junior Delhi Pre-school, a highly reputable educational institution dedicated to providing young children with a strong foundation for their future academic and personal success.

The pre-school’s curriculum is designed to nurture children’s innate curiosity and love for learning, while also helping them develop essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills. The program is specially crafted to meet the needs of children between the ages of two and a half to five years old, who are at the crucial stage of early childhood development.

At Junior Delhi Pre-school, children are exposed to a safe and stimulating learning environment, filled with engaging activities, educational toys, and age-appropriate materials. The curriculum is centered on a play-based learning approach, where children learn through exploration, discovery, and hands-on activities.

The school’s highly experienced and qualified teachers are dedicated to providing individualized attention to each child, catering to their unique learning styles and needs. The faculty employs a child-centric approach, where the focus is on the child’s overall development, including their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.

The pre-school also places a strong emphasis on parent-teacher collaboration, where parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s learning journey. Regular parent-teacher meetings and progress reports keep parents updated on their child’s academic and personal growth.

With its exceptional curriculum, experienced faculty, and strong focus on individualized attention, Junior Delhi Pre-school is an excellent choice for parents seeking a quality early childhood education for their children. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your child’s admission for the upcoming academic year.